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If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

Week 9 4.12.19.pdfWeek 9 4.12.19Week 9 4.12.194/12/20191450 KB
Week 7 20.11.19.pdfWeek 7 NewsletterWeek 7 20.11.1920/11/20191229 KB
Week 5 6.11.19.pdfWeek 5 NewsletterWeek 5 6.11.196/11/20191366 KB
Week 2 23.10.19.pdfTerm 4 Week 3 - October 23.10.19Week 2 23.10.1923/10/20191288 KB
Newsletter 28.08.19 - Week 7.pdfNewsletter 28.08.19 - Week 7Newsletter 28.08.19 - Week 728/08/20192359 KB
Newsletter 14.08.19 - Week 5.pdfNewsletter 14.08.19 - Week 5Newsletter 14.08.19 - Week 514/08/20192385 KB
Newsletter 31.07.19 - Week 3.pdfNewsletter 31.07.19 - Week 3Newsletter 31.07.19 - Week 331/07/20192299 KB
Newsletter 18.07.19 - Week 1.pdfNewsletter 18.07.19 - Week 1Newsletter 18.07.19 - Week 117/07/20191330 KB
Newsletter 25.06.19.pdfNewsletter 25.06.19Newsletter 25.06.1926/06/20191802 KB
Newsletter 12.06.19.pdfNewsletter 12.06.19Newsletter 12.06.1912/06/20192171 KB
Newsletter 29.05.19.pdfNewsletter 29.05.19Newsletter 29.05.1929/05/20192409 KB
Newsletter 14.05.19.pdfNewsletter Week 4 Term 2Newsletter 14.05.1915/05/20191707 KB
Newsletter 01.05.19.pdfNewsletter Week 2 Term 2Newsletter 01.05.195/05/20191423 KB
20181214.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 432018121414/12/20182558 KB
20181102.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 40201811022/11/2018271 KB
20181019.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 392018101919/10/20181984 KB
20180905.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 38201809056/09/2018255 KB
20180824.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 372018082424/08/2018311 KB
20180811.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 362018081110/08/2018503 KB
20180727.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 352018072727/07/2018928 KB
20180608.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 34201806088/06/20187777 KB
20180525.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 332018052525/05/2018446 KB
20180511.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 322018051111/05/2018266 KB
20180427.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 312018042727/04/2018587 KB
20180330.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 302018033030/03/20181708 KB
20180315.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 292018031516/03/20181225 KB
20180301.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 28201803012/03/20181425 KB
20180216.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 272018021616/02/2018971 KB
20180202.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 26201802022/02/2018716 KB
20171215.pdfSt Lawrence School Edition 252017121515/12/20172121 KB
20171117.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 242017111717/11/2017531 KB
20171102.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 23201711022/11/20172973 KB
School Camp 2017 - Townsville and Paluma.pdfSchool Camp 2017 - Book of MemoriesSchool Camp 2017 - Townsville and Paluma20/08/201711712 KB
20170811.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 212017081111/08/2017342 KB
20170728.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 202017072828/07/20171327 KB
20170616.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 192017061616/06/20173545 KB
20170602.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 18201706022/06/2017413 KB
20170519.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 172017051919/05/2017359 KB
20170505.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 16201705055/05/2017507 KB
20170421.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 152017042121/04/20172402 KB
20170320.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 142017032020/03/20171991 KB
20170220.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 132017022019/02/2017472 KB
20170206.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 12201702066/02/2017511 KB
20170123.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 112017012323/01/20171118 KB
20160123.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 112016012323/01/20171259 KB
20161028.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 102016102828/10/2016540 KB
20160829.pdfSt Lawrence Newsletter Edition 92016082928/08/20166002 KB
20160808.pdfSt Lawrence Newsletter Edition 8201608088/08/20163249 KB
20160718.pdfSt Lawrence State School Edition 72016071818/07/20163393 KB
20160530.pdfSt Lawrence State School Newsletter Edition 62016053030/05/2016743 KB
20160502.pdfSt Lawrence State School Newsletter Edition 5201605022/05/2016663 KB
20160314.pdfSt Lawrence Newsletter Edition 42016031414/03/2016561 KB
20160301.pdfSt Lawrence Newsletter Edition 32016030129/02/2016864 KB
20160215.pdf2016Newsletter - Edition 22016021515/02/2016986 KB
newsletter-2015-5-20.pdfSt Lawrence Sound Term 2 Week 5newsletter-2015-5-2020/05/20151916 KB
newsletter-2015-4-29.pdfSt Lawrence Sound Term 2 Week 2newsletter-2015-4-2929/04/20151169 KB
newsletter-2015-02-10doc.pdfSt Lawrence Sound       Term 1      Week 3newsletter-2015-02-10doc10/02/2015123 KB
2014-11-25doc.pdfSt Lawrence Sound   Term 4    Week 82014-11-25doc25/11/20141396 KB
newsletter-2014-11-18doc.pdfSt Lawrence Soundnewsletter-2014-11-18doc18/11/2014530 KB
newsletter-2014-10-14.pdfSt Lawrence Sound    Term 4     Week 2newsletter-2014-10-1414/10/2014914 KB
newsletter-2014-10-07.pdfSt Lawrence Sound   Term 1    Week 1newsletter-2014-10-077/10/2014710 KB
newsletter-2014-09-16.pdfSt Lawrence Sound   Term 3      Week 10newsletter-2014-09-1616/09/2014985 KB
newsletter-2014-09-09.pdfSt Lawrence Sound    Term 3          Week 9newsletter-2014-09-099/09/20145205 KB
newsletter-2014-09-02.pdfSt  Lawrence Sound   Term 3    Week 8newsletter-2014-09-022/09/20141237 KB
newsletter-2014-08-26.pdfSt Lawrence Sound    Term 3    Week 7newsletter-2014-08-2626/08/2014654 KB
newsletter-2014-08-19.pdfSt Lawrence    Term  3   Week 6newsletter-2014-08-1919/08/2014181 KB
newsletter-2014-08-12.pdfSt Lawrence Sound  Term 3   Week 5newsletter-2014-08-1212/08/2014692 KB
newsletter-2014-08-05.pdfSt Lawrence Sound  Term  3   Week 4newsletter-2014-08-055/08/2014385 KB
newsletter-2014-07-29.pdfSt Lawrence Sound   Term 3   Week 3newsletter-2014-07-2929/07/2014197 KB
newsletter-2014-07-22.pdfSt Lawrence Sound     Term 3    Week 2newsletter-2014-07-2222/07/2014106 KB
newsletter-2014-07-15.pdfSt Lawrence Sound    Term 2   Week 1newsletter-2014-07-1515/07/2014115 KB
newsletter-2014-06-24doc.pdfSt Lawrence Sound   Term   1   Week 10newsletter-2014-06-24doc24/06/2014177 KB
newsletter-2014-06-17doc.pdfSt Lawrence Sound     Term 2   Week 9newsletter-2014-06-17doc17/06/2014588 KB
newsletter-2014-05-20doc.pdfSt Lawrence Sound   Term 2   Week 5newsletter-2014-05-20doc20/05/20142764 KB
newsletter-2014-05-13.pdfSt Lawrence Sound  Term 2  Week 4newsletter-2014-05-1313/05/2014151 KB
newsletter-2014-05-06.pdfSt Lawrence Sound  Term  2      Week 3newsletter-2014-05-066/05/2014743 KB
newsletter-2014-04-01.pdfSt. Lawrence Sound    Term 1    Week 10newsletter-2014-04-011/04/2014277 KB
newsletter-2014-03-25.pdfSt Lawrence Sound    Term 1     Week 9newsletter-2014-03-2525/03/20141842 KB
newsletter-2014-03-18.pdfSt Lawrence Sound    Term 1     Week  8newsletter-2014-03-1818/03/2014328 KB
newsletter-2014-03-11.pdfSt Lawrence Sound      Term 1        Week 7newsletter-2014-03-1111/03/20141052 KB
newsletter-2014-03-04.pdfSt Lawrence Sound     Term 1     Week 6newsletter-2014-03-044/03/2014208 KB
newsletter-2014-02-25.pdfSt Lawrence Sound     Term 1  Week 5newsletter-2014-02-2525/02/2014506 KB
newsletter-2014-02-17.pdfSt Lawrence Sound 2014 Term 1 Week 4newsletter-2014-02-1718/02/2014539 KB
newsletter-2014-02-11.pdfSt Lawrence Sound   Term 1  Week 3newsletter-2014-02-1111/02/2014145 KB
newsletter-2014-02-04.pdfSt Lawrence Sound 2014 Term 1 Week 2newsletter-2014-02-044/02/2014179 KB
newsletter-2013-12-10.pdfSt Lawrence Sound Term 4 Week 10newsletter-2013-12-1010/12/2013184 KB
newsletter-2013-12-3.pdfSt Lawrence Sound Term 4 Week 9newsletter-2013-12-33/12/2013211 KB
newsletter-2013-11-26.pdfSt Lawrence Sound Term 4 Week 8newsletter-2013-11-2626/11/2013145 KB
newsletter-2013-11-19.pdfSt Lawrence Sound  Term 4  Week 7newsletter-2013-11-1919/11/2013161 KB
newsletter-2013-11-12.pdfSt Lawrence Sound Term 4 Week 6newsletter-2013-11-1212/11/2013255 KB
newsletter-2013-11-05.pdfSt Lawrence Sound Term 4 Week 5newsletter-2013-11-055/11/2013168 KB
newsletter-2013-10-29.pdfSt Lawrence Sound Term 4 Week 4newsletter-2013-10-2929/10/2013221 KB
newsletter-2013-10-22.pdfSt Lawrence Sound  Term 4 Week 3newsletter-2013-10-2222/10/2013142 KB
newsletter-2013-10-08.pdfSt Lawrence Sound   Term 4 Week 1newsletter-2013-10-088/10/2013252 KB
newsletter-2013-9-17.pdfSt Lawrence Sound  Term 3   Week 11newsletter-2013-9-1717/09/2013130 KB
newsletter-2013-9-10.pdfSt Lawrence Sound    Term 3 Week 10newsletter-2013-9-1010/09/2013179 KB
newsletter-2013-9-03.pdfSt Lawrence Sound Term 3 Week 9newsletter-2013-9-033/09/2013149 KB
newsletter-2013-8-27.pdfSt Lawrence Sound Term 3 Week 8newsletter-2013-8-2727/08/2013166 KB
newsletter-2013-8-20.pdfSt Lawrence Sound  Term 3 Week 7newsletter-2013-8-2020/08/2013133 KB
newsletter-2013-8-13.pdfSt Lawrence Sound Term 3 Week 6newsletter-2013-8-1313/08/2013134 KB
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