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St Lawrence State School

​St Lawrence State School is the school where every child gets the support, differentiation and attention they deserve. We are a small school with nine enrolments, but we work very hard to make sure that every child has extraordinary opportunities.

Welcome to St Lawrence State School.

St Lawrence State School is a dynamic small school located in the town of St Lawrence, approximately halfway between Rockhampton and Mackay. The school operates as a Prep-Year 6 environment. We have implemented the Australian Curriculum (Version 8.0) across all areas. This year, our classrooms have been separated into two rooms in our school building which enables our children to have access to visual learning walls that are catering for each, individual child.

In 2018, we have three key priorities:

1. Numeracy - daily warm-ups, practising written and mental computation and developing higher level problem solving skills drive to improvement agenda outcome in mathematics. This will be tracked using NAPLAN relative gains as well as through students Levels Of Achievement (A-E grade). Staff will also be upskilled in Natural Maths and using Polya's Thinkboard to provide the best educational platform to build our students skills.

2. Visual Learning - every student will have access to targeted learning walls for each key learning area. Students will be able to use these walls to answer key questions: 

    • What are you learning?
    • How are you doing?
    • How do you know?
    • How can you improve?
    • Where do you go for help?

3. Build stronger community connections - this year, the school will develop Memorandums of Understanding with local groups and committee to outline roles and responsibilities of parties in order to benefit the educational outcomes of students at St Lawrence State School.

We seek KNOWLEDGE to be as wise and informed as possible.

We display HONESTY in order to be respectful, respected, trustful and integral in our community.

We seek TRUTH to provide the best opportunities for our students.

St Lawrence State School is a fantastic educational facility that delivers quality learning experiences for all of our children.




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